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I’m not the girl your mother warns you about.
I won’t kiss your best friend or break your heart.
I won’t make you choose between what you love to do & me.
I’m not cold. I’m not reckless.

I’m the girl your father mentions when your mom’s not around.
I’m the girl that gets away.

I will love you more than anything.
I will kiss you when you cry.
I will stand by your side until you decide otherwise.

And you’re just like your father, so you will.

You’ll let me go & I won’t look back,
But you will.
I promise you, you will.

I’m that girl.

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i’m so sorry but if you have “works at tumblr” on your facebook profile no hard feelings man but stay as far away from me as u possibly can


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"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of."
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whats cooler than being cool?

according to wiki answers, anywhere between 10°C and 13°C is cool, so i guess the answer would be 9°C and lower

alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright

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does anyone wanna text ???? message me i want to make some new friends!! :)

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The year is 2064. You’re in your car, the grandkids are sitting in the back and you turn on some Beatles music.

"Aww, Grandma, do we really have to listen to this?" they’ll say, "This song is a hundred years old!"

And the freaky thing is, they won’t be exaggerating.

this post fucked me up

Oh shit

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